Our Dyfi Donkey ADOPT A DYFI DONKEY scheme helps to cover some of the ongoing costs that our non working donkeys incur just by living. These include recurring vet bills (vaccinations),winter feed ,farrier and dentist costs. It also helps towards any additional unforseen costs.

For a minimum donation of £25 a year you can Adopt a Dyfi Donkey. In return you receive a digital Adopt a Dyfi Donkey Certificate, a digital photo collection of your chosen donkey, a real birthday card, a digital Christmas card and a quarterly newsletter letting you know exactly what's going on at the Dyfi Donkeys. You also get the chance to come and visit your donkey to say hi - you just need to call to book.

For an application form please email us at marking your mail Adopt a Dyfi Donkey.

Donkeys to choose from are : 
Seren - our female 5 yr old half Poitou donkey- half sister to Dylan

 Dylan - our male 5yr old half Poitou donkey , half brother to Seren

Spot - our retired donkey
Since 2011 our oldest donkey Spot has been retired from active beach donkey duties.

  Often a retired beach donkey will be sent off to the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth where he will live the life of Riley, be spoilt rotten and looked after. However donkeys live in a family group or herds and often bond with one of the members of that herd really closely. To then be sent away from the group can be a real wrench for both the leaving donkey and the donkey's best friend left behind.

So it was never an option for Spot to go to the retirement centre in Sidmouth, he's here for life but to keep him costs us money. He needs food, his hooves trimming, regular visits from the donkey dentist and yearly vaccinations apart from any additional costs if he ever gets sick.

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