Sunday 31 December 2023

New Year Quiz _ Test your Dyfi Donkey knowledge


How good is your knowledge of the Dyfi Donkeys?

1.    Who is the oldest donkey?

2.    Which donkeys are related?

3.    How many donkeys are there at the end of the year?

4.    Which donkey is the escape artist?

5.    Which donkey has been in Horse and Hound magazine

6.    Which donkeys appeared in Hello Magazine and do you know with whom?

7.    Which donkeys have been on newsround?

8.    Which donkeys has visited BBC studios in Cardiff?

9.    Which donkey has been up Pymlimon mountain?

10.  Who doesn’t like apples?

11.  Which donkey has a breathing condition like asthma?

12.  Which donkeys go into Old People’s homes

13.  Are donkeys waterproof?

14.  How does a donkey make his Hee-haw noise?

15.  Which donkey made friends with a blue macaw?


Send your answers by email to : and you will get a personal donkey video in reply.

Sunday 9 July 2023


 Experience OUR unique, immersive donkey experiences - 2023


Dyfi Donkey Wood – Private visits

Come and spend an exclusive hour or two with 4 of our donkey therapy herd in our woodland paradise.

Come and hunt the donkeys out as they roam free through the woodland, have your own supervised grooming session and find out more about these amazing donkeys.

Explore the woods, build a den, climb a tree or simply have a picnic with the donkeys.

1st hour £50, additional hours £25ph

Cost includes access for up to 4 people £5 per extra.

A longer visit gives additional access to the rest of the farm and our donkey herd

Guided donkey walks

Stroll through the lanes and woodland surrounding Dyfi Donkey Wood in the company of Louise and 2 of the Dyfi Donkey therapy herd.

You will get the chance to lead a donkey and experience the Welsh countryside from a donkey’s perspective.

Walks are over varied terrain and last approximately 2.5 hours. While the speed is leisurely they are unfortunately not suitable for those with mobility issues or for pushchairs.

£80 for up to 4 people , £5 extra per additional person


More information/BOOKING/ special requirements

 please call:0771 702 0344 / email

Saturday 16 May 2020

Dyfi Donkeys introduce VIRTUAL DONKEY VISITS

Dyfi Donkeys introduce Virtual Donkey Visits

In response to the COVID 19 restrictions Dyfi Donkeys are head over heels to announce that you can now book a 30 minute virtual donkey visit.

Are you trapped indoors in an urban environment and craving the peace of the natural world and something a little different? Dyfi Donkeys may have the answer.

With current technology at our finger tips we are offering 30 minutes of REAL donkey time via Whatsapp. This 30 minute virtual visit will be entirely guided by your wishes.

You could sit in the field with the donkeys just watching them with no verbal interaction, you could request a donkey hunt through Dyfi Donkey woods,you could go on a donkey walk with the donkeys or you could spend your 30 minutes watching the donkeys as Louise lets you into their secrets. The choice is entirely yours. 

So if you are bored , sat at home alone ,or the kids are driving you up the walls, consider something really unique to do. 

Cost is a suggested donation between £20 to £35 payable on booking - you pick what you can afford/think it's worth.

For every paid for Virtual Visit DYFI DONKEYS will donate a virtual well-being session through our local mental health and well-being charities/organisations. So you can get a little donkey love and also share a little donkey love too.

Call 07717020344 or email to book a virtual visit.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Coming in October - Donkeys on Prescription!!!

Exciting news for October - free donkey sessions for adults

Dyfi Donkeys are part of a pilot scheme encouraging Health and wellbeing in the Outdoors funded by Welsh Government.
Check out the poster and get your referral in now. Limited places for free session at Dyfi Donkeys , for ultimate benefit all sessions should be attended.
Available to local residents registered with Machynlleth, Borth and Aberystwyth GPs .
Self referral go to 

Thursday 20 July 2017

DYSGU @ DYFI DONKEYS - Donkey Assisted Learning program now open

Dyfi Donkeys have opened a new Equine Assisted Learning Centre and ‘nature school’ near Machynlleth, offering opportunities for learning out of doors in the natural environment with donkeys and nature. This is a new and innovative way for children, young people and adults to engage in learning outside the classroom and is aimed at those who find conventional learning approaches a challenge whether they come through the school system, independently or have behavioural or mental health difficulties. The centre services North Powys, North Ceredigion and South Gwynedd.

Dysgu@ Dyfi Donkeys is an expansion of our successful Dyfi Donkeys stable known for our award-winning beach donkeys, unique interactive open days and community donkey visits. The new Equine Assisted Learning Centre is the first in Wales to be approved by Dorset based EAQ, an innovator in the EAL sector. Based in Commins Coch, Machynlleth, the centre boasts 11 donkeys of all ages and sizes who have been hand-picked for their suitability to this type of work. The site has approximately 35 acres of wild nature reserve, paddocks and woodland along with an outdoor classroom, 20x40m ménage, stables and yard and an indoor classroom for wet weather activities.

Sessions range from one hour per week to potentially fulltime depending on the needs of the child. Learners take part in ground based activities with the donkeys, there is no riding involved. Individual learning plans are set up for each client and personal goals set. the centre has access through the EAQ network to nationally accredited courses ranging from Numeracy and Literacy to Skills towards professions in animal care. Equine Assisted Learning has been found to be helpful with Autism, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and other similar conditions.

For more info :Video (english)      
Brochure :
For more information , a copy of our full brochure or  to arrange a exploratory visit please contact Louise Peeters EAQ accredited facilitator on 07717020344.
We are now accepting client applications.

Saturday 27 May 2017

Half Term open day



Wed May 31st

Commins Coch, Machynlleth SY20 8LL


“Stroke a Donkey and Soothe your Soul”

Come and meet the friendliest donkeys in Mid-Wales and share their paradise for a day.

Explore the woods, streams and get personal with the donkeys, have a picnic, build a den.

 Supervised grooming sessions 12pm and 2pm. (NB no donkey rides)

Open 11am-5pm – Entry £4  (cash only)

More info:

0771 702 0344 /email: