Beach Donkeys

Spot and Joey in the dunes at Aberdyfi

Dyfi Donkeys provide traditional donkey rides for children in the sand dunes adjacent to the children’s playground in Aberdyfi. We start at Easter (6th April) and, weather permitting, give rides 5 days a week through out all school holidays between Easter and September, from 18th June we are there every weekend as well. 
Rides run between 11am and 4pm; we operate a strict cutoff at 4pm if you're in the queue you get a ride but arrive late and we will turn you away: this is for the donkeys' welfare (they can tell the time!!)

All the donkeys are fully inspected by a vet and representatives from The Donkey Sanctuary before they are allowed to work on the beach and issued with a licence to operate by Trading Standards, who can spot check us at anytime. We have full public liability insurance.

All rides are lead by a trained handler so there is no worry of a donkey doing a runner! Safety hats are provided and must be worn to be covered by our insurance along with suitable footwear.

Our current team of beach donkeys are DAISY, POPPY, DELBOY, MOSSES, JOEY AND MUFFIN, our youngster DYLAN may be seen this year as he finds his beach feet.. Each day two donkeys make the journey from our base in Commins Coch and they work on a strict rotation ensuring that no donkey gets over worked or underloved!

Traditional Donkey Rides

Prices for 2019  held at £3 and last for about 5 minutes (the correct change is always appreciated). We have a weight limit of 50kgs on our donkeys and appreciate it if you don't ask us to carry anymore. Our riders can start riding at 2 - unfortunately our insurance wont cover you if you are younger than this. We will ask you to wear a hat.

However it is free to come and see and fuss the donkeys whatever your age or weight - donkeys aren't just for children . So come and "Stroke a Donkey and Soothe your Soul".


  1. Will you be on the beach this weekend, please?

    1. On the beach every weekend from now until the end of August. Everyday in the school holidays