Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dylan gets a little sister SEREN

Wow, things have got really hectic here at the Dyfi Donkeys; our open days are in full flow and the foals are keeping us all on our toes.

Dylan's little half sister arrived on 18th July at 13.40 to everyone's surprise. All the books say that donkeys will give birth during the wee hours of the night , obviously Poppy doesn't read!
I was happily trying to relocate everyone to accomodate a visit from our friendly farrier, Dorian, when i realised that poppy wasn't just lying down because she was a little weary. Luckily the birth went without the same trauma as Dylan's and Seren popped out of her own accord.

Seren - about an hour old!
Seren means Star in welsh. Seren's vital statistics were height 82cm tall, ears 21cm long, weight 20kgs.  She looks much finer than Dylan, has a very curly coat and a beautiful cross on her back.
I was luck enough to watch her make her first steps and her first steps are available to view on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200717007180398&set=vb.548717721815216&type=2&theater - check it out as it is really special, Bambi could have taken some lessons from young Seren.

A week on now and Seren has totally found her feet and she is spending her time racing around the field with Dylan.

If you get the chance get down to one of our Open days and check them out. We are getting nothing down down here on the farm because we are spending all our time foal watching!!!!

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