Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dyfi Donkey Wood Open Day 29/5/2013

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who showed up for our very first Open Day at Dyfi Donkey Woods. Del-Boy has claimed it a roaring success. The sun shined on us, the donkeys behaved impeccably as did the vistors and the only major panic was did we have enough room to park all the cars! Luckily we did.

As you can see everyone was happy to get up close and personal to the donkeys as they wandered around in the woods.The donkeys got a serious dose of grooming, pampering and general fuss; which I do believe they relished.

Everyone seemed to have great fun exploring our woods and Del-Boy's den building area was a hive of activity; I think we have a new generation of architects from the "rough and rural" school!  Muffin definately seems quite interested in a new stable!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Mosses, Muffin, Del Boy and Twister are currently off at a secret location enjoying a little spring grass (we hope not too much ! ) while our grass here tries to grow! They have a few weeks before they need to be back here for our 1st ever Open Day on 29th May.

After the heavy winds of yesterday we have had a major tree fall in one of the fields the remaining donkeys have been using and so Spot and Joey will be off to join them in a few days. That will just leave the expectant mums Poppy and Daisy Mai here awaiting the arrival of their babies!

As donkeys can carry their babies for anything from 10 months to 14 and a half , it is a bit of an unknown when they will be born ; but rest assured the news and photos will be up on site as soon as they appear.But it could be any day from now on.