Saturday, 16 May 2020

Dyfi Donkeys introduce VIRTUAL DONKEY VISITS

Dyfi Donkeys introduce Virtual Donkey Visits

In response to the COVID 19 restrictions Dyfi Donkeys are head over heels to announce that you can now book a 30 minute virtual donkey visit.

Are you trapped indoors in an urban environment and craving the peace of the natural world and something a little different? Dyfi Donkeys may have the answer.

With current technology at our finger tips we are offering 30 minutes of REAL donkey time via Whatsapp. This 30 minute virtual visit will be entirely guided by your wishes.

You could sit in the field with the donkeys just watching them with no verbal interaction, you could request a donkey hunt through Dyfi Donkey woods,you could go on a donkey walk with the donkeys or you could spend your 30 minutes watching the donkeys as Louise lets you into their secrets. The choice is entirely yours. 

So if you are bored , sat at home alone ,or the kids are driving you up the walls, consider something really unique to do. 

Cost is a suggested donation between £20 to £35 payable on booking - you pick what you can afford/think it's worth.

For every paid for Virtual Visit DYFI DONKEYS will donate a virtual well-being session through our local mental health and well-being charities/organisations. So you can get a little donkey love and also share a little donkey love too.

Call 07717020344 or email to book a virtual visit.