Thursday, 11 July 2013

Donkey Picnic for Cylch Meithrin Corris with added DYLAN!

Cylch Meithrin Corris visited Dyfi Donkey Wood yesterday (10th July) for their summer picnic. 
 The donkeys welcomed 16 children, assorted parents and Anti Val , group organiser into the woods in the glorious Welsh sunshine.  After a leisurely picnic under the shade of the trees in Muffin's Picnic Meadow everyone headed up to Mosses' marquee to try their hand a grooming a donkey. Almost everyone overcame their nerves to get up close and personal to the donkeys, who stood calmly and patiently despite the excited chatter and click of numerous camera shutters!
Once the donkeys were shining brightly from all the grooming up came the shouts " Can I ride a donkey?"  Normally on an Open Day rides aren't available but anything if possible with a pre-booked group so Mosses was swiftly saddled up and off we all went. Up through the track and over the bridge towards the stable for the extra surprise of the day.  All the children shared the ride up to the farm; no mean feat to organise that one and many thanx for Anti Val for coming up with the idea of alphabetical order - no wonder she's group leader!

So what was the surprise or should that be who?  Our newest addition of course, Dylan made his public debut at just 1 day old. He should have been too shy , his mum should have been too protective but in true donkey style - they love a sense of occasion - once everyone was gathered round Daisy peeked out of the stable ; checked everyone was holding their breath in anticipation and with a quick nod to Dylan out she came. Well of course he had to follow her.. to a chorus of aahhhh's and ohhhh's. 
He stood and looked at everyone before scurrying back into the stable. Well , would that be it? Sixteen 3-5 year olds and all their grown ups starring at you is enough to scare anyone, let alone a day old donkey. But Dylan is not just any day old donkey, he knows he's a Dyfi Donkey and meeting their adoring public is in the blood! He scampered out again and proceeded to parade along the fence letting children and adults alike have a stroke and feel just how soft his coat is. By the end of the visit he was really working the crowd.
Everyone agreed that they had had a fabulous summer picnic and that Dylan was just the icing on the cake. Afterall it's not every day you get the chance to cwtch a day old donkey. Dylan has proved that he is a true Dyfi Donkey and its really looking forward to the group from Ysgol Aberdyfi who are coming to see him next week. Who knows he may have a half brother or sister by then!


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